Water Fountains For Cats?

The body of a cat is actually made up of water 70% and hence they need to take in extra water if they are accustomed to dry cat food. In general pet parents tend to take care of the amount of food that the cat eats and not pay much attention to its drinking habit. Hence to make sure that your cat is healthy, the best way to do so would be to keep it hydrated throughout the day. This is why the use of cat fountains will be useful to encourage your cat to drink water. Moreover, it acts like a running source of water and cats love to drink and play with the water from it.

Running Water

In general, animals have an instinct to drink from moving water as it is associated with the clean water. Due to these reasons, cat fountains are a common way of keeping the water moving and stay fresh when compared with a bowl of water. Moreover, there are a number of companies which provide cat water fountains which provide extra precautionary methods to keep the water cleaner. The constant circulation of water ensures that bacterial growth does not happen and the presence of activated carbon filter will also help remove bad taste and odour from the water. To capture debris, a pre-filter is also used.

Advantages of water fountain

The use of fountains ensures that your pets get to drink plenty of water and have the essential hydration to keep their body healthy. An increase in the amount of water that your cat intakes will reflect in a number of beneficial manners such as:

  • It helps the body to regulate its temperature in a proper manner.
  • When the cat is injured or sick, it will quicken the recovery process and nurses it back to health.
  • Kidney and urinary diseases in pets can be prevented when there is better intake of water.

Training the Cat

You cat needs to be trained in order to drink water from the fountain if it is used to drinking form the bowl. Here are some ways in which you can train your cat to drink directly from the fountain:

  • Get rid of other sources of water for the cat and ensure that only the pet fountain is available for it to drink from. This will make the fountain the only option of water source for the cat, encouraging it to drink.
  • You need to place the fountain away from the eating bowl so that water does not splash on the food, making it difficult for them to eat.

Like human beings, pets also require safe and clean drinking water. However, unlike us, they will not be able to make the water cleaner by themselves, hence they depend on the pet parent to provide them with what they need. Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to ensure that their pet is well taken care of and is groomed in the best manner possible.

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